There are going to be days ahead in which I, your Lord, will demonstrate My power and authority. These demonstrations will be a witness to My church and creation that, “Yes there is a God in heaven and on earth”. The I AM is alive and well, and no I am not dead. I still am God, and I do move in power and authority.

I will show to this world My awesomeness. I will move to save My Beloved (Church), and Israel in the days ahead just as I have said in My word. What My people need to understand is that I am greater than your circumstances, and your environment no matter how it looks to you. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of peace. Those who belong to Me I will take care of. Your answers to prayer may not come in the form you expect or in the way you expect. You need to remember that I, your Lord, have many different ways to answer your prayers. I am going to take you to a higher level, but you need to trust Me in this, and you must be submitted to My will. You must be willing to follow Me in what I am bringing. I can only give this to those who trust Me, and are totally sold out to Me. This is a requirement in order for you to move into those greater things that I have for you. If you are willing to do this I will move you into your Kingdom assignments. I will cleanse, and equip you so you can accomplish your Kingdom destinies. I will provide what is needed for you to be successful in this. You cannot depend on “The way it always has been done” for I am doing a new thing. I want you to trust Me in this, and let Me lead.

You are going into new territory. Just as I lead Israel I will lead My church in the coming days to fulfill her destiny, and in this I will be glorified.


Daddy God


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