Definition: 1. To mark the limits of 2. Separate

In the days ahead I, your Lord, am about to bring a radical change in how My church conducts herself. I am going to change the character and spirit of My church. I am going to cleanse her of those things that are holding her hostage to keep her from entering into all that I want her to be. This cleansing will be for her benefit so she can be the spotless Bride of Christ. This will be done by My Spirit, not by the works or actions of men. This is a gift I am giving My beloved for I have many good things that I want to give to My church, but these things have to be handled with holy hands. They cannot be given to those whose hearts are not totally surrendered to Me, their Lord. There will not be a mixing of the unholy with the holy. Those days of compromise with unholy things are coming to an end. There are only two kingdoms, Mine and the enemy’s. It is up to you to choose who you will serve. Only those who are truly willing to follow Me need apply. There will be a demarcation of kingdoms. In My Kingdom only those who are truly willing to follow Me will experience My peace. I will not settle for less, because I Am a Holy God. I am willing to help you in this if you are willing to give me your all. You cannot continue in a lukewarm relationship with Me, because I require your whole being. That means you must be willing to lay down your life, and pick up My cross. What I have for you, children, is far more than anything that you could ever do for yourselves in following your own agendas. In the coming days those things that you have your trust in other than Me, your Lord, will not stand. It will be like standing on quicksand. You will find that it is not a solid foundation. I am your solid foundation for I will come through for you, and give you the necessary things to complete your Kingdom destinies. The days of being complacent, and noncommittal are rapidly coming to a close. In the days ahead it will become mandatory for you to choose who you will serve. I will have a Holy church, and she will be a clean and spotless Bride. There will be no compromise in this for I am a Holy God.


Daddy God

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