I will be releasing many things in the days ahead. Things that will position and equip My people for their Kingdom assignments. I know that it has been a hard wait for many, but I, your Lord say, “Your wait is over”. You are in the process of getting ready to cross over your Jordan into those things that I have given you to equip you for your Promised Land season.

I will lead you just as I did with Israel. Your focus needs to be on Me for I will show you the way you need to go. Don’t rely on old works or the way it has always been done. I am taking you on a new path that will lead you in the direction I want you to go. This path is not more of the same. I have something new for you, because I am a creative God. I want to change things so you can become the Bride of Christ that you need to be. I will not go against any of My truths, but I will show you the way to bring about change in My church that will propel you into your Kingdom destinies. This will make you victorious in areas that you have struggled with in the past.

My ways are higher than your ways; My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Remember who I am. I am the one who created wisdom. My heart for you, and My creation is for your good, for you to come into all that I have designed you to be. I am the one who is speaking abundant life over you. Any other path you follow other than Mine will lead to loss and disappointment. Do not be afraid to let Me lead you. I will take you to the place you need to be to enter into your Promised Land.

As I have said before this will require a total surrender to Me, your Lord. Enter into My rest, and declare your dependence on Me. I will promote you into those things that I have set aside for you for such a time as this. In this you will walk in victory, and not in defeat. That is what I have called My church to, is victory. This is My heart for you, loved ones, to walk in a total fulfillment of what I have spoken over you. Trust Me in this for I am a good God.


Daddy God

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