The days of restitution are here. I am the Lord, and I have declared and decreed this over My children. In the coming days you will see Me move on behalf of My people. Those things that have been stolen or held back by the enemy will be restored to the Kingdom ready for those whose hearts are focused on Me, their Lord. This restitution is more than finances. It’s a release of those things that My children have longed for and prayed for. Expect healings in many areas of your lives. This could be a physical or mental healing, a healing of soul wounds, and a breaking off of those things that have been spoken over you to harm you. There will be a restoration of relationship with those who you thought were lost to you. I am the great restorer. What I decree and declare will happen. There are no ifs, ands or buts in this. What I say will stand! I will release a healing among My people that will bring a true unity to My church. You are a team. I did not put a spirit of competition over you. One is not greater than the other. All are needed, and all will be honored in this next Kingdom movement.

 As your Lord I look at all Kingdom assignments as important. You are not to judge the importance of an assignment on its size or what it encompasses. I have created you to be the Body of Christ, and every part must work together in unison. You are to honor all parts of My Body for I have given different assignments to different parts of My Body, and they all have an important role to play to complete the destiny that I have spoken over My church. All are important! You are to honor what I have spoken over each part of My Body. I see no ones Kingdom assignment as unimportant, and neither should you. You are to love, and honor each other, and value what each part of My Body is doing to help bring My Kingdom to earth.


Daddy God

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