My church is coming into a transitional phase in the coming days. Things are going to open up for those who I have appointed for this time. These things that I am bringing will bring change to My church. These changes will encompass your whole being wherever there has been lack. I, your Lord, will bring healing to those areas. What I am bringing is not fictional or impossible for I am the Lord! I have given My church an assignment, and I will give her all that she needs to fulfill it. I do not send out My children without equipping, and giving them those things that will help them fulfill their God given destiny.

In the days ahead you will see signs of this equipping. This equipping will also bring correction to those areas in the lives of My children where they need it. I do this so they can handle the transition from what they were to what I want them to be. I will not be lax in doing this for it is time for My church to walk with a mature nature. The time of finding fault with each other, and fighting amongst yourselves has to cease. If you are ever to grow up you have to have peace among yourselves. Your strength is in unity. I am talking about a peace based on love, honor for each other, and the truth of My word.

I am looking for those who are willing to set aside everything and follow Me. Their heart’s desire is to have a full relationship with Me, their Lord. They will trust Me with their future, and be totally dependant on Me. I can and will use those who are willing to let Me lead them in all things. These are the ones who are willing to be servants for their Father’s house, who walk in true humility, and only do what they see their Father doing. I am delighted with these. They are truly a blessing to Me, your Lord. They are the ones who will move up into their Kingdom assignments in the coming days.


 Daddy God

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