Definition of principles: A general or fundamental law. A rule or code of conduct. Devotion to such a code.

As your Lord, I am taking you to a much higher level of Kingdom principles. I need to take you there so you can operate at the level you need to be for My Kingdom Movement. The principles I will instill into your heart will be a Code of Conduct. These principles will be how you live, and conduct yourselves. Some of these principles are love, integrity, honor, compassion, humility, unity, etc..

The time for division is over. You are to be one with Christ. It’s time to be My Body, loved ones. I am bringing a healing that will bring My Body together as one. It’s time to come together as brothers and sisters in Christ. The infighting, division, and strife among you is not of My Kingdom. My Kingdom is dominated by love, and all who are part of My Kingdom walk in love and true humility. They have a servant’s heart, and a strong desire to see those around them come into all that I have for them.

To be first in My Kingdom you need to be a servant to all. The question is, “Are you willing to be first in My Kingdom with all the requirements and responsibilities that come with it”? This requires a total surrender of yourself, and your agenda to Me, your Lord. When you do this I will make the necessary changes in your heart if you are willing to trust Me with your life. I will take you to those higher places that I have spoken over you, and transform you into true sons and daughters of My Kingdom. This will bring true unity to My Church so she can function as My Body.

Remember, you are My people, and I am your God. You are one in Christ.


Daddy God


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