From the beginning of time I have planned for this moment of time for My church. Even though it is a new season of time for My church it is but a moment for Me, your Lord. I have put My creation on a countdown for My Son’s return. My children, the days of mans self rule are coming to a close. As your Lord, I will do this for the sake of the elect. It is the enemy’s will to bring destruction to My creation. My Son’s (Jesus) return is timed to keep this from happening. You are in the throes of seeing My Kingdom being established here on earth. This is not a far off thing, but you are entering into the beginnings of those things leading to My Son’s millennia reign, (Revelations 20). That is the reason I am calling you, My church, for the harvest of souls in the coming season. I am raising up My church (The Bride of Christ) to fulfill her destiny.

The time is now, My children. Your commitment to Me must be whole and complete for I want to transform you into what you need to be for these latter days. Your latter days will be greater than your former days. I am taking you into your Kingdom destiny, and I need your all to do this. Trust Me, as your Lord, to make you into the warrior I designed you to be. You are who I say you are. My definition of what you should, and will be will go far beyond anything you expect. You are going to do great exploits for My Kingdom. The fear of man, and the enemy will fall away from you. Your faith levels will go beyond anything you have experienced before. You will walk in love, true humility, and compassion. This will make you strong for My Kingdom. I am out to take back what belongs to Me, your Lord. I seek the lost, and the meek.

For those who are asking, “There has to be more to life than this”, I will answer them, and show them My Father’s heart toward them. My love for My creation is why I am sending back My Son to rule, and reign. This too, is My Father’s heart.


Daddy God


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