My plans, and purposes will become much clearer in the coming days to those whose hearts are centered on Me, your Lord. To those of you who are pursuing Me and My Kingdom I will say, “Yes, come in and commune with Me. Know My heart toward you and My plans, and purposes for your life.” My children, it is about relationship between Me, your Lord, and you. If you seek Me first then all of the other things will be added unto you. As My Son Jesus said, “I only do what I see My father doing”, (John 5:19). It is not about what you can receive from Me. It is about your relationship with Me. My children, your heart is the heart of the matter. It’s what is going to qualify or disqualify you for what I am bringing to My church. You need to understand that it is not the gifts that I have given you or your works that will qualify you. It’s your heart, and your relationship with Me. Your gifts, and works are not what makes you spiritually mature. It is your relationship with Me, and at what level you are in that. I cannot give you those things that I have for you until your relationship with Me is on firm ground. You need to truly know Me, and My heart for you. This requires your total surrender of everything in your life to Me, your Lord. That means you are willing to forfeit your own plans, and anything that would run contrary to My plans, and purposes for you. This has to be all the way. There cannot be any exceptions to this. You need to trust My thoughts, and plans for you, and let Me lead you in the way you need to go.

The time for decision is now. You cannot continue to walk in partial commitment to Me for this will not work with what I am bringing. Total commitment to Me is required. It is the only way you will make it with what is coming in the days ahead. I have given you warning, and told you what is required. The choice is yours to make.


Papa God


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