My loved ones, have I not told you change is at hand? Am I a God who forgets His promises? Do you think that I lack the ability to fulfill your future? Have you read in My Word anywhere that I failed to come through? Do you think that these things that I have spoken over you are impossible for Me to do?

I have not changed or has My power or authority. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I am the same God of the Old and New Testaments. My children, My word holds true to the course that I have set it on. My truth will always stand firm despite your circumstances. Your circumstances will always be in flux down on this earth, but My truth will always be your firm foundation. You are on the cusp of entering into your kingdom destiny. Those things that I have promised you are being made ready for that destiny that I have designed for you. I promise you that you will notice the difference, and so will My creation. This is not more of the same. The level I am taking you to will be well beyond anything that My church has ever experienced before. This is being brought by My Spirit, and it will show. This is not something man can make happen. The ways of man, his traditions, and programs will not work. I want you to look beyond what you know, and have experienced, because you cannot define what I am bringing with old works and experiences. What I am bringing is well beyond your understanding of what My church should look like.

As your God I know what the Bride of Christ should look like. I am making her into that perfect Bride that My Son deserves. I am about to release many things to bring My church into alignment, and what she should look like. This will be done by My Spirit, not by the efforts of men. I am the one who will do this. You need to trust Me, and rest in My promises to follow through with the destiny that I have spoken over you, and My creation.


Papa God


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