As you draw closer to My time line that I have set for the End of Days harvest you will see things start to happen that will clear the way for this to be activated. I am going before you to clear the snares, and traps that the enemy has set to try to delay My End of Days harvest. I am the Lord, and I decree and declare that My plans and purposes for My church and My creation are going forward. I speak “No more delays”. The days of delays are over. You are entering into a transition time from delay to action. I am taking My people out of the wilderness of the wait, and into the promises of My Kingdom. The realities of My promises, and purposes for My people are coming into the activation stages in the days ahead. I know that many are questioning the reality of My Kingdom. They ask, “Is this going to be more of the same?” My answer to you, My beloved, is no. The reality of My Kingdom is a sure thing. Your reality balance, and bearing will rest in My Kingdom. The things that you trusted in this world will fall away, and you will transition to the firm foundation of My Kingdom. These are not more words of delayed hope. I am moving My Kingdom forward for those who have been waiting for this, and are heart qualified, for this they shall see and experience the cleansing and equipping for their Kingdom destiny assignments. I know, My children, you are weary of the wait. It has been a battle to stay in position, and not fall out under the constant barrage of the enemy who speaks lies of doubt about My promises, plans, and purposes that I have for you.

As your Lord, I can tell you that you are very close to seeing a fulfillment of those very things I have promised and spoken over you. I know that doubt can creep in, and you question the reality of My promises and My kingdom, but trust Me, loved ones, to bring these realities to you for I am the Lord, and My promises and purposes for you still stand. I will not waiver or relent until I see you receive all that I have for you. So be encouraged, My loved ones. Shake off your weariness, and the lies of doubt about your future for what I have spoken over you will become your reality in the coming days. Simply because of who I am.


Papa God


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