I want My people to know that I am for them. When I ask them to surrender their all to Me it is for their benefit not only in the physical realm they are currently in, but it also benefits them in the spiritual realm. Their future is determined by their decision to what direction they choose to follow. I will take you to the high places if you decide to follow Me, and trust Me to take you there. If you choose to go a different way, and choose to allow your own path in your lives, then My high places will be unattainable to you.

In the days ahead I will be taking those who have chosen to trust Me completely with their lives into their assigned high places. I will give them those things that will equip them to be able to move My Kingdom forward. These are My notable forerunners, the pioneers of My coming Kingdom movement. They have the authority, and power to take back the land that has been lost to the enemy. These are the ones who will show My church the way. These are the ones who will lead My church into My Kingdom Realm. This Kingdom Realm is for those whose hearts are focused on Me. This focus is like a laser. It is a concentrated energy to follow the King of Kings. Nothing else will distract their focus from fulfilling their Kingdom destiny. This is why I ask you to give Me your all. There cannot be any other distractions in your life that you would put above the Kingdom call that I have for you. It requires your all, loved ones. It requires a laying down of your agendas, and plans. It requires a trusting of My plans, and purposes that I have for you and your future.

What I am bringing is not a far off thing, but it will soon be implemented, and empowered by My Spirit. My forerunners are coming soon. The time for action is closing in upon you. My Kingdom Realm is coming to My church, and creation.


Papa God


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