I am bringing about change to those whose hearts are centered on Me. This change will go to those who I see as ready to receive the things I have for them. My children, as I have said before it is a heart requirement. This is the only way you will enter into the things of My Kingdom. You need to understand it is your choice to do so or not. I will not push you into it. Where you put your priorities will determine your future. If you are not ready to give Me your all then I cannot use you for the advancement of My Kingdom. Those who have laid down everything before Me, and have surrendered their priorities, their passions, their agendas, these are the ones who will be promoted into My Kingdom movement. I know this has been a challenge to many. There are those who don’t understand that I am moving My Kingdom forward. It will not be based on old works or on “How it has always been done”. I am a creative God. I have more than one way to do things. The truths of My Word will always stand, and I will always honor them as your Lord. You need to understand that I am bringing things to you that My church has never experienced before. It will be on a higher level, and on a broader scope that has never been seen or experienced before.

I know the wait has been hard on many of those who have submitted their all to Me, and many ask Me, “When Lord?” The answer to that is very soon, My loved ones. When I activate this Kingdom movement it will come in waves one after another. There will be no pause in this. You will go from glory to glory. This will not die out as in the past movements of My Kingdom, for My Spirit will reign over this movement. I will prevail in this for this is a time for My light to shine in a world that is committed to going its own way. My light will bring many into My Kingdom who are looking for the real truth. As your Lord I am committed to doing this. As My children your commitment needs to be a total commitment to Me, your God. Nothing else will qualify you for this Kingdom action.


Papa God


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