Definition: A union to promote common interest, league or coalition.

Attention My Children: Have I not spoken of the victories that I, your Lord, am bringing to My church? Have I not told you we win? Why is it that you doubt My ability to turn the nations toward Me? I want you to focus on Me, not on the things you see going on around you. I am greater than the nations. I am greater than the governments of this world. I am greater than wars, famines, and pestilence. I am greater than the shaking that this world is experiencing in the natural, and in the economies of this world. I am the Lord of all! There is nothing that I don’t have authority over. Everything that you see around you I created. This world, the planets, stars, and galaxies. Why is it that you think I cannot handle what is going on in this world? I do not want you to fear for the I AM is the answer. You need to understand by My authority I am bringing a Kingdom Alliance to My church. This is not your doing. It is My choice to do this. It is not by your abilities, positions, education, resources, gifts, or righteousness. It is because of My Father’s heart toward My church and creation. It is My love for you, My children, and that of the lost. It is My call to you to come to the heart of the Father to come into My presence to seek My face.

Many ask, “Why would God allow bad things to happen?” It has never been My choice to allow evil in this world, but the heart choices that My creation makes are what affects this world’s environment. It is your heart that is the heart of the matter. I am asking you, My church, to submit your hearts to Me so I can cleanse and equip you for My Kingdom Alliance. In this alliance there is a heart to heart action that brings unity between you and Me. It releases you into the reality of My Kingdom, and all that I have for you. My alliance with you will allow you and Me to accomplish much for My Kingdom. My Kingdom is based on love, not on fear. In My Kingdom there is no lack in body, soul or spirit. My loved ones, lean into Me. Trust Me to take you into My Kingdom Alliance for this cannot come to you except by My Spirit.


Daddy God


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