As your Lord, I am going to anoint those who are Kingdom ready. These will be the forerunners, and pioneers who I have selected for this time. These are the ones who will lead My church in the direction that it needs to go. I will give them the means, and giftings to be greatly effective for My Kingdom. They will show a new way; a new direction for My church to function in. As your Lord, I have not forgotten the former things or the history of the great movements of My church in the past. What I am bringing will be much greater than My past movements with My church. There will be a new movement that will far exceed anything My church has ever experienced in the past. This movement will be a God movement. It will not be controlled by man or the enemy. This movement cannot be rendered useless by the actions of men or the enemy. This movement will be an ongoing action brought by My Spirit. There will be only those who I see as Kingdom qualified who will operate in this. I am bringing these qualified ones to the forefront. They will operate with great anointing and authority. These are the ones who I trust with the things of My Kingdom. These things I cannot give to those whose hearts are not totally given over to Me. The actions of your heart cannot be hidden from Me, your Lord. I know your heart, and nothing escapes My attention. There cannot be any holdouts. I must have your all. If you are serious about following Me then it has to be a total surrender. It’s about you trusting Me with your lives, your future, and being totally dependent on Me, your Lord. You have to be willing to let Me lead you for I am the Great Shepard. I will lead you to your Kingdom destinies. As it says in My word, “For I Am knows the thoughts, plans, and intentions that I am thinking toward you says the Lord. Thoughts of peace, not of evil, to give you a future and a hope, and you will seek Me and find Me when you will search for Me with your heart, and I shall reach for you says the Lord”, Jeremiah 29:11-14.

It is My intention to reach for you, loved ones, but you need to make the choice to let Me be Lord of your life in all things.


Daddy God


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