In the time ahead I, your Lord, will release to My church much needed unity. My body is fragmented. There is a lack of cohesion among My children. This is a reflection of the heart of My church. There needs to be a total surrender of individual wills to My Kingdom unity building corporate will. What I am bringing requires a total surrender of your personal agendas. Everything that is near and dear to you must be laid at My feet. You cannot have things in your life that supercede My plans, and purposes for you, and My Kingdom. There cannot be any other gods before Me for I am the Lord. As I have said before, “You must be sold-out serious to follow Me”. Nothing else will qualify you for what I am bringing. My church must have unity. This unity is based on love, honor, and integrity. In this unity you are one in Christ. That means all who are in My body are of equal value. One is not greater than another. In My word I said the last will be first in My Kingdom.

I will use the unknown’s, the humble, those who have laid down their agendas, their lives, their all to follow Me. These are the ones who will mystify the nations. They will ask, “Who are these people? Where did they come from? How come they have so much authority and power?” My people will respond, “It comes from the Lord”. They will give Me all glory, and praise in this.

My church, in the coming days I will release My cleansing to those who are heart qualified, and then I will give them the anointing, authority, and resources to bring My Kingdom to earth. It is My heart that all would choose to follow Me, but I have given you the choice to which kingdom you will serve. That, My loved ones, is up to you. I will only have those whose hearts are in line with My Kingdom Requirements.


Daddy God


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