In the coming days I, your Lord, will be bringing a New Look to My church. Those who have the right heart to receive this ‘New Look” are the ones who shall receive it. This New Look is something that My children have never experienced before. This New Look is something that will define what My true church shall look like. There will be those who are open, and will receive My New Look for their destiny. There will be others who will reject it.

I am redefining My church. This is not something that man can do. It will be done by My Spirit. This is how this transformation will come about. It cannot be controlled by man or the enemy, nor will they be able to shut it down. This transformation will be a Kingdom- altering action. Those who are sold out to Me will lay down their kingdoms, and go after My true Kingdom. Their agendas they will lay at My feet, and I will give them My New Look agenda, but again I say to you, you must be totally surrendered to Me, your Lord. There will be no exceptions to this. You must be sold-out serious to enter into My Kingdom. The days of fence sitting are over. You must decide, My children, which kingdom you will serve. Your own or Mine? I have drawn a line in the sand. Those who choose to cross their Jordan I will honor. Those who choose to stay on the other side I will not honor. You cannot have it both ways. It’s one or the other.

Soon I will be releasing anointing, gifts, healing, and the resources to those who are Kingdom ready. I will set their paths on their New Look agendas that I have designed for them. Only those who I see as Kingdom qualified can participate in this. Again, it’s My heart that all would choose to enter into My Kingdom, and what I have for them, but I leave that choice to you.


Papa God


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