In the days ahead, I am going to be releasing My Assignment Angels to those who are Kingdom ready. Very soon you will notice an upswing of your prayers being answered on a more consistent basis, and they will be answered in quick order. I have opened a channel that will process the prayers of My people, and will bring quick answers to those who I call My own. You are entering into a season of quick works. Things are going to start falling into place in quick time. Those things that you thought would never come to pass expect to see answers to manifest in a timely fashion.

My beloved, there has been a logjam that was enemy caused, but I, your Lord. have seen to it that it was removed. You are going to see My spirit moving very quickly to bring healing, and answers to My church and creation. The delays and frustration that you have experienced in the past are going to fall away. You are going to see and experience a rapid movement of My Kingdom coming to the forefront. This is going to be an eyeopener for My church. There are many whose realities are going to be changed. What appeared impossible to them will be changed to the possible by My spirit. My children, you are going to experience the truth of your Heavenly Father coming to your aid. Those things that I have spoken over you through the ages will start to manifest in quick order in your lives. Many will be amazed and humbled when they see My love being poured out over them. This is not an empty word. The reality of My Kingdom, and the truth of My word will hit this world with an eye opening truth. Much of what is coming will bring a Kingdom shift in the hearts, and minds of My elect. They will wake up and realize that I am bringing a conclusion to the rule of man. Things will play out as I have spoken them in My word.

This world is on a countdown of seeing My Son Jesus coming down to rule and reign. The stage is set for the final days of man’s history. As your Lord, I will begin a new eternal history for those whose hearts are sold out to Me. Be encouraged, My beloved, for you are entering into a time of Kingdom Upswing.


Papa God


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