I, your Lord, am raising up the Greatest Generation. This generation will help bring My Kingdom to earth. I am raising up a mighty army that will bring great light to a dark world. This generation will be one that will bring My truth to a convoluted world that has been deceived by the enemy. I am about to make many paths straight in the minds and hearts of My creation. I am the truth and the light of this world, and many will come to know this to be true. In the coming days I will expose what needs to be exposed. I will expose the works of the enemy both the seen and unseen. There is going to be a shifting, and a shaking of My church to bring her into compliance to what she should look like. I will have a clean, and spotless bride. There will be no compromise in this. I will cleanse My church. I will set out what needs to be set out, and bring in what needs to be brought in.

In the coming days I am going to bring forth My dread champions. These are those who are truly qualified to bring My Kingdom. Their hearts, and minds are focused on their Lord. They are waiting for orders from Me to begin the greatest move of My Kingdom that this world has ever witnessed. This is not for those who have their feet in two different camps. To be part of My Kingdom movement I have to have your complete loyalty. There cannot be any other thing before Me, your Lord. This calls for total commitment. There cannot be any holdouts in your heart. Being sold out to Me is the only way you can be part of the Greatest Generation. I will only use those who surrender their all to Me. In doing this it allows Me to cleanse, and equip you for the days ahead.

My children, there is no more time to be half-hearted in your walk with Me. It is all or nothing. You must decide, very soon, which kingdom you will serve. The days are numbered now. Sitting on the fence will no longer be tolerated. I have no more time for the uncommitted. You must make a decision soon for My Kingdom is moving forward. I want only those who have given Me their all in My Kingdom army. The time for action is now for this world is on My time clock, and the countdown has begun. My Kingdom is in the wings, and soon you will witness the reality of it.


Daddy God


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