Tendency: 1. Drift, trend. 2. A proneness to or readiness for a particular kind of thought or action.

In the days ahead I will lead My church into the things of My Kingdom. Only those who are truly sold out to Me will be able to go down this path. I am going to instill Kingdom Tendencies on those who I see as Kingdom qualified. This action, on My part, will put My people on the path I want them on. There will be many paths assigned, but they all lead to the glorification of My Kingdom. There are going to be many different assignments. They are all important to Me, your Lord. I do not want you to “grade” an assignment that I give you or to others. It may look small to you or large, but the importance of your assignment is not defined by this. You need to understand that assignments are often intertwined. I give one this assignment, and to another a different one. These assignments work together to accomplish much for My Kingdom. There is no such thing as an unimportant assignment in My Kingdom.

Remember, My loved ones, you only see and hear in part. As your Lord I see the whole picture. I am the one who orchestrates the movement of My Kingdom. It is important that you carry out your assignments whether they look small or large to you. Do not treat your assignments as mundane. These assignments I give you are tying together the advancement of My Kingdom. You are to treat each assignment with utmost honor for these are Kingdom assignments. If you honor what I assign to you in the beginning of your Kingdom walk I will honor you with greater authority. As it says in My word, “Do not despise small beginnings”, all Kingdom assignments are important, and you need to treat them as such. In the days ahead I will equip you to fulfill your assignments. Some will have a greater equipping than others. The equipping will correspond with the size of your assignment, but it does not mean that what you are doing for Me is not important no matter how it looks.

My children, stay on the assignment that I have given you for what you are doing is very important to Me. I do not see you as unimportant, but vital to the Kingdom. No matter what your assignment looks like it is Kingdom building.


Daddy God



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