As your Lord, I am building a new road for My church. It is a road that I am establishing that will take My people into My Kingdom realm, but it is a toll road. There is a price to pay to have access to My Kingdom Road. That price is giving Me your all.

You must lay down your life, and follow Me. This is not about your plans or what you think your life should look like, because what I have for you will take you well beyond anything you could ever come up with. You have to surrender your all to Me. That means letting Me, your Lord, set the course to your Kingdom destiny. This is not something that you can make happen. Your gifts, talents, education, resources or works will not make it happen. The only way you can ride on the Kingdom Road is in your total commitment to Me, your Lord. This has to be a heart certified commitment.

I don’t want just words from you. I want you to trust Me completely with your lives. That means letting Me do the driving on this Kingdom Road. I have things that I want to release into your lives, but until I have a total commitment from you I cannot give them to you. Those of you who have truly surrendered to Me, and I know who you are, will receive the things of My Kingdom so you can fulfill your Kingdom destiny.

My children, you are in a time that you must be serious about your walk with Me. There cannot be a half-hearted commitment. I want your whole heart. That is what will qualify you to travel on the Kingdom Road. It’s My heart that all of you would pay the toll to receive what I have for you, but I leave that choice to you. In the days ahead you will need Me, your Lord, to help you achieve your Kingdom destiny, but that requires your all working in partnership with Me. My loved ones, you are entering into a time of extremes. There will be great darkness, but there will be a greater light. My Kingdom is that light. So, My loved ones, what will it be? The Kingdom Road or a road to destruction?


Daddy God


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