In the coming days you will see and experience the beginnings of a Kingdom shift. The Kingdom of God is getting closer and closer. As My Kingdom closes in you will notice an upswing of prayers being answered more quickly. Those things that you have been praying about for an extended period of time, expect answers to quickly appear. You are entering into a time of Kingdom Acceleration. Things are going to fall into place rapidly. My Kingdom is on the move, and it will become more apparent as you progress into this year. This, My children, is your God moving on behalf of My church and creation. The prayers and petitions that you have sent Me, I have heard. Your prayers are a catalyst for the movement of My Kingdom. I want you to press into Me, and continue to pray for the Kingdom of God to be established on earth as it is in heaven. The reality of My Kingdom will take hold in the hearts, and minds of My children as we move into the days ahead. This is not more of the same. It is movement into your Kingdom destiny. The words of your God are true, and My answers to your prayers are going to be swift and sure. Those of you who are Kingdom ready I will cleanse and equip. You will be on the forefront of My Kingdom movement. As time moves on there will be an awakening of those who have fallen asleep, who have become weary and given up. This will be a Kingdom reality wake-up call. There is going to be a great shaking in this for My church. I will cleanse what needs to be cleansed. I will take out what needs to be taken out, and I will put in what needs to be put in. I will have a new wineskin to pour the things of My Kingdom into. You must understand, children, this thing I am doing will require your all surrendered to Me, your Lord.

Again I ask you, “Are you willing to pay the price for My Kingdom?” This is required. There is no other way to be Kingdom activated. This commitment to Me, your Lord, is never to be taken lightly. You have to be sold out serious in this. I will not settle for the lukewarm for as it says in My word, “I will spew you out of My mouth”.


Daddy God


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