As your Lord, I am bringing My kingdom. Who among you are willing to pay the price to follow Me?

What is coming is not for those who want to be in control or for those who want to draw attention to themselves. It’s for those who are willing to give themselves, their agenda, their resources, their gifts, and their lives to Me, and trust Me their Lord to lead them. You have to give up control, and let Me guide you to your kingdom destiny. I am after those who are truly willing to lay down their lives for the Kingdom of God. This is not a game you can play. You are either for My kingdom or you’re not.

I know the hearts of those who are truly sold out to Me, and they are the ones who will receive My anointing to advance My kingdom. Those who choose to go their own way, and refuse to give Me their all I will not use. They cannot receive what I have for them. They are not in a place that they can operate in kingdom authority. You must understand that I will use only those whose hearts are Kingdom qualified, those who walk in love, that have compassion, and operate in true humility.

As your God I will expose the false. I will bring down the haughty. I am out to destroy the works of the enemy. I am a God of love, but I am also a just God. I do not tolerate sin or compromise with it. I forgive sin when asked by those with a contrite heart, and I have compassion for the hurting, and the lost, but in the coming days those of you who confess to being part of My Kingdom when you are not I will expose. There is still time to turn to Me, and give Me your all. You cannot serve two masters. It’s one or the other. I want only those who are truly willing to lay down their lives, and pick up their crosses.


Daddy God


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