For the love of My Kingdom. For the love of My creation. For the love of My church. For the love of My children. For the love of the nations. For the love of Israel. For the love of the brokenhearted. For the love of the hurting. For the love of the lost. For the love of My word, and My reputation.

I, your Lord, will act on behalf of My love for you, and My promises to you. I am a God of love, and My love as a father to My children, and creation is endless. In the days ahead you will see an activation of My love that will go beyond anything that you have experienced in the past. My church will experience this love and walk in it. This is the one thing that the enemy has no answers for. It is the greatest weapon that I am giving My church.

I want you, My loved ones, to experience the love of the Father. My love for you is boundless. The things I want to do for you are done in pure love. There are no strings attached to My love. It is unconditional. You can come to Me in any condition or state. My heart is to have a loving relationship with you anytime or anywhere. I want My love to engulf you. I want you to know the heart of your Heavenly Father. I am for you, not against you. I want to see you become all I have designed you to be. I have not forgotten you or forsaken you. You will always have My love. It is something I will never take from you, but it is something that I will always give you. My love for you will bring healing to many situations in your life, and guide you to your Kingdom destiny.

My child, in the days ahead you are going to come to know the depth of My love for you so you can rest in the truth of My love for you. Remember, you are My sons and daughters, and I deeply love you.


Daddy God


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