Not to far in the future you are going to see a shift from what was to what is to be. My spirit is bringing transition to the kingdom ready. Those who are truly seeking My kingdom. This transition will be a life changing change from the unseen to the seen. From hope to reality. You are going to experience the truth of My words and promises that I, your Lord, have spoken over you. This is not just more hype, but it is the reality of My kingdom, and the truth of My word. Many of you are saying I’ve heard this before, and I don’t believe it any more. My children, the word of this Father, your Heavenly Father, is true and faithful all the time. There is no way that I, your God, will not come through for you. I gave you My word, and I keep My word. There are no empty promises from My lips.

I know the wait has been long for many of you, but I am about to do things that will amaze and bless you. Your hearts will rise up in praise for what I am about to do. It will click in your minds that My kingdom is very real, and active in the lives of My children and creation. These things that I am proclaiming will come to pass. I will do this because I am the Lord. Your doubt is about to disappear for I am going to do all I said I would do. I want you to renew your hope, and I want to rekindle your faith in Me, your Heavenly Father. The words I speak will soon be a reality in your lives. It all comes in My timing, but I can tell you that you are on a countdown to the launching of your kingdom destinies. You are not far off of seeing this happen in your lives.

So, My loved ones, remember who has spoken. It is your Heavenly Father who wants to see you experience all that I have for you. You are My Beloved, and I will come through for you.


Daddy God


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