My Kingdom consists of many different peoples from all nations, and many walks of life. In this kingdom building era you will encounter many different types of people who will have different customs, ideas, habits, personalities, etc.. The one thing that you have in common is the love of My son Jesus who you see as your Personal Savior and Lord.

As your God I am going to tie you all together through My son. This is your common bond, and this will bring unity to My church. The heartbeat of My church is My son, Jesus Christ. The differences in your beliefs of what My church should look like will become moot for I am the one who is building My church, and I will define what My church should look like. You will be a Holy Spirit filled, and led church. This is not something you can build. It does not belong to one type of church or to any denomination. This church belongs to Me, and I will build it and lead it. You are the living stones that I will use to build it. Your function will be to be obedient to My Holy Spirit for you are a Spirit led church. That means you must give up your own agendas, and take up My Kingdom agenda. The programs of the past will not work where I am taking you.

This next movement will be by My Spirit not by the efforts of man. You must be willing to trust Me to take you where I want you to be. The choice is yours to make. I can tell you if you decide to do it yourself you are building your house on sand, and it will not stand. I am your firm foundation that cannot and will not be shaken. In the days ahead you are going to need a firm foundation to stand on for there will be much shaking. My Kingdom is coming, and it will be established on earth as it is in heaven. These are not empty words, but it is My truth. History will finish out just as I designed it to do.

I am the God of heaven and earth, and My plans and purposes will come to pass.


Daddy God


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