In the time ahead I will be adjusting the understanding and thoughts of My children. I will give the true perspectives of who I am, and what My kingdom looks like. I will do this through My Holy Spirit, and by demonstrating My heart through acts of healing and restoration. I will turn things around. Your circumstances are about to do an about face! Those things that look insurmountable to you. Those giants in your life, you will see them vanquished.

I am the Lord, and I am saying to you, My loved ones, your prayers and petitions to Me are not in vain. They are before Me. I have seen and heard them. As your Heavenly Father I will act on your behalf. The answers you will receive will be “God” answers. I know exactly what is needed, and how to apply them. They may not be what you expected or look like what you thought they should be. Trust Me, your Lord, to give you a complete answer. It will cover what needs to be covered. It will heal what needs to be healed. The answers that I am sending will have an overflowing effect that will touch those around you. Many will ask, “Where does your peace and joy come from”? You will answer, “It comes from the Lord”.

As your father I know exactly what you need, and what you don’t need. I will determine what your answer should look like because I love you. I will not give you something that would be detrimental to you, and those around you. I give the gifts that fit. I bring the healing that heals. They are a custom fit for each individual. In the days ahead you will see others receive what I have for them, and those answers are for them, not for you. Ask Me, your Lord, to give you your answers for I have a Kingdom Package that has been designed just for you to fit you, and your circumstances.

Remember loved ones, I Am A Designer God who loves to give the perfect answer every time.


Daddy God


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