In the days ahead I will be taking many to their kingdom destiny. Many who have been hidden will come to the forefront. These are the ones who will lead My church. They are the ones I have set aside for a time such as this. These are the ones who will soar like eagles. They are the ones who will soar on the updraft of My Holy Spirit. Their spirits are in tune with Mine. Their eyes are fixed on Me, their Heavenly Father. Their goal is to bring My Kingdom to earth for they are the Kingdom Sighted. They will walk in Kingdom authority in their hearts and minds. The reality of My Kingdom is greater to them than their life here on this earth. They are willing to give Me their all, and are sold out to Me, their Lord. These are the ones who truly love the ways of My kingdom, and walk in true humility.

In My word it is those who are truly humble who will inherit My kingdom. These are the ones who I will equip for extraordinary exploits to further My kingdom. They are being equipped to bring answers to the many problems of this world on an individual and corporate level. In this they will glorify My mighty name. They will speak truth, and stand by it for My truth will draw many to Me, but it will also offend others.

These Kingdom eagles will stand fast. They will not flinch or give ground. They will not compromise with the enemy nor are they man-pleasers, but their heart is to be God-pleasers. They will be noted for their courage, and their integrity. These are the ones who are coming, and I will honor them as true sons and daughters of My kingdom. Their legacy will be talked about throughout eternity. They will be honored in My Kingdom for their hearts are in tune with their Heavenly Father’s heart. So be encouraged, loved ones, for the days of Kingdom are at hand.


Daddy God


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