Loved ones, My Kingdom is at hand. The wait is about to expire. I am getting ready to release what needs to be released, and take out what needs to be taken out. This releasing will bring My church to the level she needs to be to fulfill her Kingdom destiny. I am going to take out those things that keep her from fulfilling her destiny.

Kingdom cleansing is also coming. It is a thorough cleaning of My church so I can pour into her all that I have for her so she can operate in Kingdom. The main ingredient of this is the love of the Father. This recipe will envelop those who I love for My love is strong for My church, and My creation. You will know the truth of My love, and how I see you as your Heavenly Father. This love will permeate you, and your perception of how you see Me.

My love heals the heartache and hurts of My people, and My creation. My love will heal individually and corporately. It will heal towns, cities, and nations. It will heal the land, the sky, and the waters. My love covers a multitude of things that look impossible to you. Your future is in the loving hands of your Heavenly Father, and I intend to do all that I have set out to do. Those things that I have promised and spoken over you I will do. Nothing has been delayed. It is simply coming in My timing. The enemy is trying to stop what is coming, but his destiny is to fail. I have spoken over him his destiny, and he has no choice but to walk it out, but your destiny, My loved ones, is to experience the love, joy, and My good pleasure of Me having relationship with you as your Heavenly Father.

These are exciting times for the Kingdom of God, and you, My children, get to participate in them. Remember loved ones, you are part of My Heavenly family, and I always take care of My family. I am always there for you, and always will be.


Daddy God


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