My kingdom is on its way. You have waited and prayed. I have heard your prayers and petitions for My kingdom being established on earth as it is in My heaven. I am a God who hears and sees. I also act on behalf of My children. I am a God who loves to see My creation come into all I have created her to be. I will speak My love over her, and bring healing to her. My heart is to draw her to Me, her maker.

I want the nations to know My love for them, and that I have the answers they seek. My heart is to speak blessing and peace over them. It is My heart that all would choose to know Me, but I have left that choice up to them. I want you to know the truth of My Father’s love for you that it was My choice to send My son (Jesus) to redeem what was lost, and it was His choice to go and do His Father’s will. It is My choice to love you before the beginning of time, and throughout eternity. My love for you, as your Heavenly Father, has always been and always will be. It was My choice to create you in our likeness to be My sons and daughters for it has always been My choice to have relationship with you. The fall in the garden of Eden was never My choice. I created you to have choice just as I created My angels to have choice.

It is always a delight to Me when one chooses to have a relationship with Me through the acceptance of My son Jesus as their personal savior. That is why there is great rejoicing in My heaven when this happens. It restores relationship with Me, their Heavenly Father, which makes My heart glad. It’s My choice that all would come to know Me, but it is your choice to accept Me or not. That I have left up to you. You know My choice, loved ones, that you would come to know Me as your loving Heavenly Father.


Daddy God


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