In the coming days I will release My Holy Spirit over My church. It will permeate the very corners, and every nook and cranny. I will miss nothing for I am a thorough God. This will be an outflow of My Holy Spirit that will bring cleansing, and healing to those who are hurt and broken. I will touch the inner core of My people for My heart is to see My loved ones walk in Kingdom health. This health covers all aspects of your being. It addresses relationships, physical health, financial, spiritual issues, etc.. It will cover those things that need to be covered in your life, and on a corporate level. As your Lord, I want to see you healed up, and I also want to equip you for your Kingdom destiny. My main gift will be love. A love that transcends anything that you or others have ever experienced. It is a total love. It is a love that removes barriers and goes to places that are tender in people’s hearts. This love that I am releasing is a real love, and unconditional love that will captivate the hearts of My church and My creation. The very core of My being is love. As it says in My word, “God is love”, and this My loved ones is the truth. As your Lord I will love many into My kingdom.

In the days ahead you will see and experience the love of the Father, and see manifestations of this love. My heart is for My creation. I made you to have a personal relationship with Me your Heavenly Father. That is the reason for your existence so that I can love on you, and receive your love in return.

Remember it is relationship with you loved ones. That is what I am after.


Daddy God


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