My children, as your Lord, I am bringing advancement to My church on a corporate and individual level. You are not missing it! Don’t be discouraged or afraid. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. He says, “How can this happen?” “God cannot possibly do this.” “He’s forgotten you.” “You missed it.” “You don’t have what it takes, etc..” All are lies My children. This is the language of the enemy.

Now standby for My truth which is My language. I, your Lord, will finish the good work that I have started in you. You are being transformed into all that you have been called to be. That will be a complete finished work by the hands of your Heavenly Father. I have personally designed you to be a whole holy creation. I don’t miss things. I complete things. Your relationship with Me will complete you. I will see to it that the things that I have spoken over you will come to pass. This is not something that you can make happen. This is a willful act of your Heavenly Father for the sake of My good name, and My creation.

My children, I cannot lie. I stand on the truth of My word, and I will fulfill what I have promised you. My words are not empty or void. My word brings life fully, and abundantly to My creation. I am not going to hold back the promises of My word. I will come through, and fulfill those things that I have spoken over you. You can trust Me to keep you on the path of Kingdom Completion because of who I am, and My love for you.


Daddy God


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