In the days ahead I will bring about much change to My people. Those who choose to take up their crosses, and follow Me are the ones who will see significant change in their lives. I am lining up things to bring this about on an individual and corporate level. The timing will be perfect for each individual, and it will come about at the appropriate time. Don’t give up loved ones for I have not forgotten you. The enemy is working overtime to discourage you. He wants you to think it will never happen. He wants you to give up, and walk away from what I have for you. As your Lord what I have spoken over you I will do. These are not just empty words spoken by some cosmic dust. I am the one who created all. All that you see around you, the earth, sea, sky, and the heavens above are all Mine.

Soon a greater reality will capture your heart, mind, and attention. It is the reality of My kingdom. The unseen will soon be seen by those who know the Father, and have set their hearts on the reality of My kingdom. I am not speaking these words in vain children. As your heavenly Father I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. The kingdom of God is at hand. It is not a fairytale or someone’s wishful thinking. I am about to reveal to My creation that yes there is a God in heaven who is in charge, and in control. Despite what you see happening around you or people’s thoughts or opinions I will prevail. I will make Myself known to My creation then they will have to choose who they will serve. There are only two camps Mine, and the enemy. It’s not complicated. It is one or the other.

In the days ahead I will make Myself very clear to those who question whether there is a God or not. It will be evident in what I am releasing through My church, and how I will respond to those who are seeking the heart of their Heavenly Father. I am seeking out those who are truly wanting relationship with Me. Remember loved ones I will do what I said I will do.

Do not be discouraged for Kingdom days are upon you.


Daddy God


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