(1. General or fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption. 2. A rule or code of conduct also: devotion to such a code.)

In the days ahead I will be instilling in My church kingdom principles to help her become all I want her to be. This is fundamental to help guide and direct her to her final destiny, and to help her become the Bride of Christ. These principles will bring in kingdom authority based on a heavenly code of conduct. The authority I give you will be used within the parameters of this heavenly code. These I will be instilling into the hearts and minds of My children. These are to help you stay on track, and on course, and not be distracted by your greater authority. The code is this, “To love, to walk in true humility, to love what I love, and hate what I hate”.

Yes, I am a God of love, but there are things that I hate because it draws people away from Me and My kingdom. My heart is for My creation. That is why I spoke it into existence, and then later sent My Son Jesus to redeem it. These are all acts of love on My behalf to bring relationship between Me and My creation. My heart, as your Heavenly Father, is that all would know Me, but I gave you the right to choose. I could have given you no choice in the matter, but I didn’t create you to be robots. I created you in Our image, (Gen. 1:26), to have a mutual relationship based on choice. From the beginning, as your Lord, I chose to have a relationship with you, and that has not changed. As it says in My word, “I am the same yesterday and today and forever”, (Heb. 13:8). My love for you cannot be quenched. I need you to understand this that My love for you is just a “Pappa I need you” away. I am always close and not far away My beloved.

So in the days ahead there will be times when you will need to call out for Me, and I will come. I will not hesitate to be there for you because I love you.


Daddy God


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