In the days ahead I will be releasing many things throughout My church. I will coordinate the actions of My church in the coming days. This will not be a coincidence, but it will be by My mighty hand. I, your Lord, knows what needs to happen in order for My church to enter into the Kingdom Days ahead. There will be resistance from both man and the enemy, but what I have planned from the beginning of time will come to pass. I am bringing the days of Elijah to My church and to creation. My church is going to move with much authority. This authority will catch the attention of My creation, and many will be drawn to My presence. They will realize that yes, there is a God who cares and loves them, and wants to have a relationship with them.

The movement of My kingdom will be orchestrated by My orders. I will tell you where to go, when to start, and when to stop. To do this, My children, you need to listen and stay in tune with My Holy Spirit. The directions I give you will keep you on course in the days ahead. It will be important that you do this because it will keep you under the umbrella of My blessing, protection, and peace. You cannot act in your own authority for this can lead to potential harm to you and others. You are to operate under My orders, and I will give you the authority you need to carry out your assignment. In this authority you must walk in true humility, and give Me, your God, all glory.

In the days ahead you will witness the movement of Kingdom throughout the earth. I am going after those who will say yes to Me, and My son Jesus. I will accept them as My children, and I will be their Heavenly Father. My intent is to bring as many as I can into My kingdom. This, to Me, is true treasure. I want throughout eternity to have those who truly love Me in My presence.

So, My children, Kingdom Days are ahead, and the fields are ripe for harvesting. Those who seek Me I will redeem. Stay tuned, loved ones, for My Kingdom is at hand.


Daddy God


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