(To name, designate, to give a right or claim to)

In the days ahead I will be naming and designating those who I see as Kingdom ready. These are the ones who I see as qualified to carry out the plans and purposes of My Kingdom. They are the ones who I have given the right to help bring My Kingdom to earth. Authority will be given them to bring change to My church and creation. They are not hung up on the things of this world, and do not have a “me first” attitude. They are the ones who are walking in true humility, and have a servant’s heart. They also have a heart for the lost and the weary, and will speak My truth over their lives. My Kingdom qualified are the ones who captivate My attention. As their God I see, and hear them, and I will answer them because their hearts are where they should be. Those who choose to walk their own path are free to do so, but there will be consequences for doing this. I can only designate those who have given Me their all for it is the only way to be qualified. To these I will give Kingdom Entitlement to access the things of My Kingdom. I have, at their disposal, My Kingdom warehouses to bring healing, and blessing to the nations.

In the days ahead there will be many saying, “Only God could do this”. There will be a lifting of the burden of doubt off My creation. There will be great rejoicing, and a restoration of faith that the enemy cannot overcome. Many will turn to Me, and say, “Abba Father”. I will hear them, and take them into My loving arms for My heart is for My creation. I sent My son (Jesus) to redeem what was lost. As your Lord I will receive those who call out to Me. I will not turn them away.

It is My love that will draw many to Me. I want them to know My Father’s heart toward them. I will give them an unshakeable peace that will be an anchor for them in the coming days. Trust Me, your Heavenly Father, with your future for I am truly a good God.


Daddy God


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