In the days ahead I am going to give those who I see as kingdom qualified the authority to operate on behalf of My kingdom. These are the ones who know Me as their Lord, and have given Me their all. They are the ones who listen, and obey the call of their Heavenly Father. They are tuned into My kingdom frequency, and are not distracted by the draw of this world or what the enemy is doing. Their eyes are on Me, their Lord. They know what the true treasures are that will last them throughout eternity. I will be upgrading these with a Kingdom Authority. Lies will be exposed in the coming days that have put many into bondage in one form or another. Those things based on lies I will judge for they have a history of deceiving My creation. I want My creation to know the truth of who their creator is, and My Father’s heart toward them.

In the days ahead I will dismantle and destroy the works of the enemy through My church. I will give My church the Kingdom Authority they need to bring this about. This authority is not for everybody. It will be given to those who have gone through the fires of adversity, and have stood firm on the truth of My word. They have had the faith to believe My word, and have gone through the refiner’s fire to come out as useable for My kingdom. They know that through their weakness I can make them strong. I will use them to glorify My name. Anyone who comes to Me in their own strength I cannot use. They must humble themselves before Me, and let Me have control of their lives. This takes trusting Me, your Lord, to lead you on the path of My truth. It is the kingdom life that has no limits of what you can do, and where you can go through Me, your Lord, but is I who guides your path, and I have designed a destiny just for you. In this destiny you will find true fulfillment that only I can give you for I am the one who created you.

Surrender to Me, loved ones, for I have just what you need in the coming days ahead.


Daddy God


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