In the days ahead there will be changes coming to My church. As your Lord, for those who are ready, I will set My agenda in the hearts, minds and lives of My Kingdom Kids. These are the ones who will reap the benefits of kingdom living. Those who choose to follow their own agenda, and do church their own way I will not honor. They will not be included in what I have for those who are sold out to Me. These Kingdom Kids are the ones who I can trust to use the tools and gifts of My kingdom wisely. They will use these things to help bring My kingdom to earth. In the following days I will be equipping My children with individually designed tools and gifts that will prepare them for their kingdom assignments. They will come together, and work as a team. These are the ones who will work in a spirit of unity and honor on both an individual and corporate level. They will know that helping each other to achieve the goals that I have assigned to them on an individual level will help them achieve their goals on a corporate level. It is vital that you work together as a family team to achieve kingdom goals. As your Lord, I am the head of this kingdom family. I am the one who gives assignments to My children. It is I who is coordinating the strategies, and movement of My Kingdom army. The strategies of man will not work in what is coming. Remember that I have already gone before you to secure your various destinies. As your Lord, I know what that looks like, and how it needs to operate to be successful. I see the whole strategy of My Kingdom from start to finish. As My children you only see in part so you need to relinquish your all to Me. That means you let Me lead, and you do not go ahead of Me or step out on your own. You need to wait on Me, your Lord, for I will give you your marching orders when I have cleared the way before you, and the timing is right. When that happens you will have Kingdom authority to be successful in your assignment.

My Beloved, your job is to trust Me with your lives for what I have for you will bless you well beyond anything you could achieve working in your own strength and understanding.


Daddy God


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