Loved ones, the days of Kingdom are here. There are things that are coming that will redefine how My church does its business. I am going to mold My church into a kingdom-making community. There will be a united front in My church that will not be fragmented by the actions of man or the enemy. The glue that holds this together is My Father’s love for My sons and daughters. There will be a sense of purpose and unity within My church based on the love of the Father for His church and creation. My love is all consuming. There is nothing that can stand against it.

In the days ahead I will be releasing Kingdom Love to My people. This is a radiating love that soaks into the very core of your being. It brings healing to those who have been wounded and hurt. My heart is to bring healing to the deep places in peoples hearts and minds. Those places that need a cleansing by the love of their Father. As your Lord I want to bring you into a holy wholeness in your body, soul and spirit. I want to make you complete to speak My love, and all that I have for you into your lives. This is so you will have a true picture of how I feel toward you as My sons and daughters in Christ that as your Heavenly Father I am completely trustworthy.

You can trust Me to guide you throughout your lives from start to finish. My children, in the days ahead, I will be taking you to many places that will stretch your faith muscles. The thing that will get you through this is your trust in Me, your Father God. I am a good God, and My love for you is endless. You will experience this love now and throughout eternity. Expect a Kingdom Love that will sustain you here on this earth, and in My Heavenly Kingdom.


Daddy God


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