In the coming days I, your Lord, will be bringing many different things to the forefront to equip My church for the days ahead. This is for those who are ready, and heart qualified to receive these kingdom building qualities. There are many who are not able to receive what I have for them because they are not kingdom ready. Their focus is not on Me, but they are still caught up with the worries and challenges of this world. They are still conforming to the world, and how things have always been done.

As God I intend to shake the pillars that My people put their trust in. There is no firm foundation other than Me. There will simply be no other gods before Me. I am the Lord, and it is I who rule and reign. My children, you must let loose of those things that don’t allow you to walk in the ways of My kingdom. You cannot hold on to the things that give you a false sense of security. They will not hold up to what is coming. You need to seek the God who has always been, and will always be for I am your sure foundation.

Yield to Me, loved ones, give Me your all. Do not count on the things of this world or your own strength, and understanding to get you through this. All that needs to be shaken will be shaken. To bring My people to Me I will allow this shaking to take place. This is something that I take no pleasure in, but it is for the good of My people to draw them close to Me. I do not want My people to despair for I am your sure answer that will be here to help you in the days ahead.

My children, trust Me to be your source. Do not count on man, but on the one who created you.


Daddy God


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