In the days ahead, My children, I your Lord will be unlocking My incredible favor over you. Things that have been locked up and delayed by the enemy I will be releasing to you. The things that I have coming will be to bless you, and to bless others. These blessings are kingdom building. They are to put My people into a position to enable, and equip them to bring My Kingdom to earth. There will also be a release of promotion to those whose hearts are where they need to be. These are the ones who will be promoted to the various positions, and areas that I have set aside for them.

There is going to be great movement within My church. Things that need to be removed I will remove. Things that need to be added I will add. These things that I do will readjust the compass of My church. It will give her a true reading that will put her on a correct course of direction. Human logic and laws that run contrary to My laws, and precepts cannot exist in My church. As your Lord, I will not compromise with any sin. Those who choose to do this I will not honor. The days that are coming will demand that there be an uncompromising purity within My church for you are the “Bride of Christ”. The requirements demand absolute purity of My church. That is why you need to give Me your all for I am going to purify you, and your all. As your Lord I cannot allow any compromise with the enemy. In My Heavenly Kingdom there is no sin. That is why I want all of you so I can transform you into the son or daughter you need to be so you can function in My Kingdom.

In the days ahead there will be a remarkable transition of My church. I am taking you into much higher authority and favor. In this process I will make the changes in you that will put you in alignment with My will. My children, the days of Kingdom are upon you. Stay open to the changes I am bringing to you.


Daddy God


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