In the days ahead I, your Lord, will start bringing many things to the forefront. The Kingdom march begins from this point forward. We advance. There is no going back. You who are committed to see the Kingdom of God established on this earth, it’s time to come to attention. In the coming days I will be issuing orders to various ones in My Kingdom army. With the orders will come the equipping. I will not send you out without giving you the right strategies and proper equipment to carry out your Kingdom assignment. This is not something you can do on your own, but you must wait for Me, your Lord, to give you your marching orders, and full equipping.

In the days ahead you are going to see things fall that you thought would never fall. The walls are coming down, and there will be many Jericho’s for My children to experience. You just march, and when I tell you to shout “Shout!” Watch the results for the battle belongs to Me, your Lord. I am blazing a path before you. Obstacles are going to come down that looked impossible to you for I AM the Lord. There are no plans or strategies of the enemy that I, your Lord, cannot overcome. You are entering into a season where the impossible becomes possible.

In the days ahead you will see, and be a witness of what My Kingdom authority can do. I will infuse you with a “Kingdom Can Do Spirit”, but you are to wait for instructions from Me, your Lord. You are not to step out in your own authority. I must “authorize” your Kingdom assignment so that you are acting with the authority of the King of Kings. This way you go with My blessing, covering, and protection. Remember loved ones, this is a team effort. There is no self in this. You must be united in Spirit with Me, your Lord. Seek Me first, and My Kingdom will be added unto you. Try Me and see!


Daddy God


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