(Definition: Of or relating to physical force producing motion, energetic, forceful)

In the days ahead loved ones, I your Lord, will be bringing My Kingdom into this world dynamically. There will be nothing that will be able to stop Me for I am the Lord. The obstacles that man or the enemy have put up I will brush aside. They will not cause Me to pause for they are nothing to Me. What looks unmovable or impossible to you, I your Lord, will move and make possible. Those things that you have been waiting for I will bring. The words and prophecies that you have received I am about to activate. I am going to speak life into them on an individual and corporate level. The days of Kingdom are here! These are not empty words for I am bringing My Kingdom forcefully to My church and My creation. The days of sitting on the fence are over. You must decide this day who you will serve. There will be no blending of two different kingdoms. It’s one or the other. You must decide. Which one will it be? My Kingdom calls for righteousness.

Those who are sold out to the principles of My Kingdom I will equip for the days ahead. Those who choose to go their own way I cannot and will not honor for I am a Holy God. Only those who have a heart for Me, their Lord and My Kingdom, will I honor. These are the ones who will help Me bring My Kingdom to earth. They are the elect. My Kingdom warriors stand by for change for I am taking you to new levels to enable you to bring effective change to a fallen world. The days ahead will reflect what a citizen of My Kingdom should look like. It will be a radical change in how church has been done in the past. In My church the programs of man or the enemy will not stand for they are not part of My Kingdom.

I am calling those who want to go beyond where they are right now. I am going to show you how to be “the church” not just to do church as it has been in the past. If you are serious about going to Kingdom levels then give Me your all. I want all of you not just a part of you. Loved ones, do not be afraid to let Me, your Lord, have full control of your life for what I have for you goes way beyond any expectations that you have. Trust Me to bring a fullness to your life for I designed you to need Me your creator. I am the only one who can fill that void in your life. Turn to Me, loved ones. You will not be disappointed.


Daddy God


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