In the days ahead I, your Lord, will be releasing many things to My children that will motivate them into Kingdom action. These things will activate My Kingdom army. There is going to be great rejoicing for it will bring home the truth of My word to the hearts of My children. It is a real-time word, and their Father in Heaven is on the move. Yes, I am bringing My Kingdom to earth. The days ahead will be glorious both in size and scope. My church is about to be transformed into what I want her to be. I will pour out My Spirit upon her. This will take her to the place I want her to be.

There is going to be a swelling of the ranks of My Kingdom army. Many will come forth to the clarion call of their Lord. I will breathe new life upon My people, and they will rejoice and be glad in it. There is going to be a tremendous boost of faith that will fire-up the faith of My church so she can go out, and accomplish all that I have called her to do. These are the days of Elijah! I am calling forth the great ones of My Kingdom. These are the mighty men and women of God who will push back, and destroy the works of the enemy. They will take and hold all that is mine. These are the ones whose exploits will be forever recorded in the annals of Kingdom history.

Children the turning point is just ahead. The activation of Kingdom things are in sight. Do not give up, loved ones, for the days of Kingdom are at hand.


Daddy God


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