The days of Kingdom are upon you. I am releasing many new strategies, ideas, and things of My Kingdom that will facilitate the advancement of My Kingdom. The days of complacency are over. It is time to put on your armor and follow Me. Those who choose to do this I will bless. Kingdom equipping is at hand, and I will ready them for the task ahead. I will give them the confidence in Me, their Lord, so they can operate in Kingdom. I will show myself to them in many different ways so they will know that I see them as “Kingdom worthy”. They will also know it is not themselves that qualify them for Kingdom advancement, but it comes by My Holy Spirit. It is because I see them as “Kingdom worthy”. It is not based on their own efforts or works, but because of their heart condition. They are in a place where I can trust them to use the things of the Kingdom with wisdom and discernment, and they will follow the plans that I, their Lord, have put before them. They will walk in true humility and give Me, their Lord, all the glory. In the days ahead I will direct these “Kingdom worthy” ones out of the trenches, and on to the battlefield. My children, it is time for Holy boldness. It is a boldness that comes from knowing Me, your Heavenly Father, in an intimate way, and that your confidence will not be in anything but Me, your Lord.

So My loved ones, draw close to Me for in the coming days you will see manifestations of My Kingdom. I am not sitting still, and neither will you. It is time to move ahead into the glory of My Kingdom. Kingdom days are here, loved ones. It is time to advance.


Daddy God


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