Definition: (Name, designate, to give a right or claim to)

In the days ahead, as your Lord, I will appoint various ones to come to the forefront. They will not be the known’s, but the unknown’s of My church. They are the ones who I have hidden for a time such as this. These are the ones who I have designated for doing great works in My Kingdom. They are designed and equipped to bring great change in how My church does business. These are those who are My “Spirit People”. People who are deeply ingrained with My Holy Spirit who have a Kingdom mentality. They do not see or recognize the obstacles of man or the enemy that have been put in place to block the advancement of My Kingdom as a problem. What they see is Kingdom entitlement, that as their Lord, I have given them the right to lay claim to what is mine. In other words, they know, live, and act on this truth. They know that their God is mightier than anything that this world or the enemy can throw at them. They know that the plans and actions of the enemy cannot stand against My Kingdom. They are My designated “Kingdom wise” for they do not doubt the abilities of their Heavenly Father that I am trustworthy in all I do and say. These are the ones who know their Father’s heart toward them. Their trust in Me is complete.

In the days ahead, I will be closing up the gap of doubt of My goodness that exists between Me and My church. I will prove Myself to you, as your Heavenly Father, that the plans and purposes I have for you are for your good, and the good of My creation. The days of doubt are coming to a close, and the days of Kingdom entitlement are beginning. So, My child, are you ready to proceed? My Kingdom is on the move!


Daddy God


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