Dear ones, as your Lord I am going to allow many of My children to go well beyond anything they have ever experienced by My Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit things are going to become common occurrences, but there will not be anything common about them. They will be well beyond the norm. The activity of My Kingdom is ramping up. This activity will shatter any preconceived ideas or boxes that My church has placed themselves in. As your Lord, I am taking My church out of the box. It’s time to go well outside the borders that people have put My church into. My Kingdom is a Kingdom without borders. I do not recognize the borders of man or the enemy. As the Lord I go where I want, and I will have church wherever I want. I don’t care about the separation of church and state. I am God. I created all, and I will go where I wish, and do as I please. I do not care if it is a war zone or a place of peace, whether it is a public building, a private building or a place of business. It could be a bar, courtroom, large department store, factory, or a private home, etc.. I can hold church wherever I want, and I will.

As My church, you need to stay flexible for you are going to be stretched. You will be given authority to conduct Kingdom business wherever I tell you to, and in many unlikely places that look nothing like the church you are accustomed to. I am out to save souls, and since the souls are not coming into the church of the “box” I am sending those of My Kingdom to take My church to the lost wherever they may be.

What I, your Lord, deem Holy it is Holy. (Acts 10:15). What I deem kosher it is kosher. I may say to you to do church in a place that you would never enter or visit, but you need to remember Peter and his experience with the Gentiles. As your Lord, I will send you on Kingdom assignments that are really out of the box. When you do this remember that I, your Lord, will go before you, and you have nothing to fear for you are doing My will, and I am with you always.


Daddy God


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