In the days ahead I will be making many adjustments to My church on an individual and corporate level. These adjustments are going to spring you into the plans and purposes of My Kingdom. I am equipping and promoting those who I see as being qualified for kingdom. These who I promote will be those who I see as being “heart ready”. They are the ones who want nothing more than Me, your Lord, and My Kingdom. I will promote who I want to promote. They may be unqualified as the world views them, but in My Kingdom they are highly qualified. I will give them authority to do the works of the Kingdom, and to bring down the works of the enemy. Many will say and think how is this possible? These are just ordinary people. They have no qualifications to do this, but these are My people, and I will glorify My name through them.

They are the ones who are willing to give Me their all. Their number one priority is to put Me, their Lord, first in all things. If you want to do Kingdom I have to have your all. There can be no hold backs. It’s all or nothing. It is your choice to make. It will be Me and My way for My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. I am the Kingdom maker, and I promote only those who are serious about following Me. There is only one agenda, and it is Mine. My agenda will be fulfilled as I have spoken it. Only the serious need apply to My “end of days” Kingdom army.

Remember loved ones, I am sovereign God, and I do mean business.


Daddy God


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