Dear ones, in the days ahead you will see and experience Kingdom flow. It is a release of those things that have been stored up for this time. These things are to be used in bringing My Kingdom to earth. It is also to fulfill the promises that I have spoken over My children. There will be many individual and corporate blessings released. Many of the blessings are “equipping blessings” to help My church to fulfill her destiny.

When I say flow that is exactly what it is. It is a literal flow of My Holy Spirit, and blessing to My people that will overflow and effect those around them. It is an overflowing blessing that will draw many to Me who have lost hope in the world. They will realize that there is truly a God in heaven who loves them, and they will know and experience My Father’s heart toward them. My love will draw many into My Kingdom. I am making you, My church, ambassadors of My Father’s love. That is where the equipping blessings come into play. For I will use these blessings to draw many into My church. I will soften the hearts of My children to bring you in line with My Father’s heart toward My creation.

I am not angry with My creation. It is My heart that all would come to me, but I have given choice to My creation, and they must decide who they will serve. As your God I cannot, and will not tolerate sin of any kind. I have given My creation (mankind) a way to come into My Kingdom and into My presence through My Son Jesus Christ. The choice is yours to make. When you accept My Son Jesus as your personal savior then you accept Me as your Father God. When you choose to reject My Son then you do something that I cannot forgive for this is the ultimate sin. Great sacrifice has been made for My creation to bring relationship between Me your Father creator, and you My beloved creation. I ask you as your creator to please make the right decision, because it will effect your final destination throughout eternity.


Daddy God


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