(Retrieval: to search about for, and bring in, to recover, restore.)

For those of you who have been waiting for action on the promises and prophecies that have been spoken over you your time has come. In the days ahead and throughout this new season, that My church has entered into, I will breathe life into and over those things that have been promised and prophesied to you. I will, as your Lord, go out and bring them in so they can be released to you in this new season. There are some that you may have given up on or forgotten about, but I, your Lord, never forgets My promises to you. I will retrieve all that I have spoken over you even those things that the enemy has stolen from you. As your Lord, I have put your name on these things that I have for you. I do not forget My promises to you for I am the Lord, and I always keep My word to My children.

You will receive all that I have for you, and it will be far more than what you expect. In the coming days I will be giving you these things that will help you to accomplish the high calling of Kingdom that I have spoken over you both individually and corporately. I will give you wisdom and discernment on how to use and apply these things that I am giving you so it will benefit not only you, but it will also benefit the plans and purposes for My Kingdom. These gifts I give you are for the good of all My body. You are to share with your brothers and sisters in Christ. You cannot possibly out give Me, your Lord. It can’t be done.

So, My loved ones, be generous with one another. Do not be afraid to give it away. I am your source for all good things, and that source is inexhaustible. Trust Me, your Lord, to do this for you.


Daddy God


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