Dear children, as your Lord I am taking you above the norm. It will not be business as usual in My church. You are being taken to a place of Kingdom quality. I am taking you to a place of Kingdom frequency. I am fine-tuning My church. It is a place of being able to focus in on My Kingdom strategies without the distractions of the enemy or of the world. I am changing your frequencies to correspond with Mine.

You are getting a communications upgrade. You will hear Me with greater clarity. Armies coordinate through communication to help bring defeat to the enemy. I am doing the same for My church. I am bringing coordination to My church so they can move in a strategic way that will bring unity to the battlefront. It will not be a fragmented ragged assault on the lines of the enemy, but it will be done in a flowing motion that will take out the fronts of the enemy. It will bring breakthrough for My church. The lines of the enemy have been established for some time, but I am releasing new strategies that will decimate their lines, and bring victory to My Kingdom. This is done through greater communication that is clear and concise. In doing this I, your Lord, will bring the coordination that is needed by My church to defeat the enemy.

So My loved ones, you are going to get a tune-up so you can tune into the strategies that I want you to accomplish. I will be doing this soon. I will fine-tune My church to be what I designed her to be so she can defeat the enemy. As I have said before, I am equipping My church to bring My Kingdom to this earth. So be ready to receive what I have for you. Remember children, victory is ours!


Papa God


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